Spectacular car drift demonstrations, tuned cars with sex-appeal, state-of-the-art technological innovations and revolutionary parts, 35 000 sq.m. of newest developments in original and aftermarket car parts invite the Bucharest citizens during June 11th – 12th to the 5th edition of this event, which became a tradition for car lovers of the capital city: AUTO TOTAL BUSINESS SHOW. The renowned automotive event in Romania dedicated to specialized manufacturers as well as to car service equipment makes a powerful comeback at Romexpo, in the Central Pavilion, for thousands of enthusiasts vibrating with the sound of powerful motors, who get together each year to this event organized by AD Auto Total, in partnership with Romexpo and Romanian Chamber of Commerce.

Official Trailer here.

Over 120 exhibitors, important manufacturers in this domain invite visitors to Romexpo with the latest developments in original and aftermarket car parts, technological innovations and technical demonstrations.

 “With a record total of over 140 000 visitors to all editions held until now, and with a national presence (Bucharest, Bacău, Iași, Craiova and Arad), AUTO TOTAL BUSINESS SHOW becomes increasingly spectacular each year, gathering important brands of the car parts, accessories and service equipments manufacturing industry”, Gabriel Zane, the AD Auto Total representative, says. “We know that fascination for skills and power, whether on two or four wheels, is ageless. During the past years, we tried to offer unforgettable memories to our younger or older visitors, making available the only one Formula One simulator in the world, which generates an acceleration force up to 3G (2015), the BloodHound SCC “supersonic” car, that attempted to break the on-land speed record of 1600 km/h, acrobatic basketball show with the famous “Lords of Gravity“, the team that rocked NBA when breaking the slam-dunk world record, explosive drift shows, that ruined several sets of tyres in the name of motor sport and fans, including track drift. This year we are preparing a program at least as incendiary as ever: drift, tuning, moto stunt, bike stunt, remote control mini-model cars competition and many more. To put it short, this show will be complete, keeping emotions at maximum level, and will include numerous interactive contests and tombola. We shall tease the visitors with countless prizes and promotional products of the most important suppliers of car parts and service equipment” Gabriel Zane added.

Thousands of car enthusiasts will have the opportunity to watch most renowned Romanian drifters parading their art and technical skills in a show that will leave them breathless. Participants will be entertained by the beautiful hostesses, plenty of good music and thousands horsepower.



This year – 2016

For 4 years, AD Auto Total organized Auto Total Business Show once a year, at Romexpo Center in Bucharest.

Every year it gets bigger and better. This year is all about the people. They came to us, now we go to them.

We are happy to announce that this year there will be three amazing editions of ATBS.
Why? Because we want to give everyone the opportunity to take part of this great event, wherever they are.

  •     For the first time in Moldova, ATBS will open its gates on 2nd April, at Iasi. This way the visitors can enjoy the event close to their home.
  •     On 11th si 12ve June, ATBS Bucharest will take place at the well-known location: Romexpo, Central Pavillion
  •     In 2016's fall. we present the third edition of ATBS. Further details will be posted soon. 

Covering most parts of Romania, we focus on what we can do for manufacturers and visitors as well to have a great experience.

What is ATBS Iasi all about?

Best manufacturers

Thematic conferences

Unique discounts along with promotional packages

Training, technical demonstrations and contests

New exclusive brands

New automotive technologies revealed for the first time


Get ready for another amazing ATBS experience.